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What happens when you contact us ? 

Well quite simple! After we receive your message with your request:

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Frequently Asked Questions

We earn money through every connection we make. We make these connections with service providing companies. 

To make a connection, we use the information you supplied in our conversation to find the best possible service providers for you. We disclose your information after the third party provider agrees to handle your case and get in contact with you. At the moment of disclosure we share the information needed to contact you, but nothing more. We protect all our users' information because we care about your privacy. 

We answer all our messages within 24 hours. This is a given.

In the following conversation, via mail or elsewhere, we try to gather the necessary information so we can provide you with the right options. We will be asking about your needs, your company and its functions, some personal information and some contextual information. 

This depends on your specific needs. If this is an important factor for you and your business, we will commit to finding the right service partner in your country. 

The companies we connect with potential customers are selected based on our rigorous specifications. If you believe your company can meet our standards, please contact us via the following mail:

Our Operators communicate in English.

We are based in Europe and use the GMT and GMT+1 timezone as our reference. 
You can chat with us between the hours of 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. GMT. 

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For information, questions, listings and other request you can mail us via the following mail address: